Insights from iGaming Super Show & FPE

iGaming Super Show & Financial Partners Expo

Amsterdam, June 23-26, 2015

Last week thousands of affiliates, IBs and service providers gathered in Amsterdam for the iGaming Super Show & Financial Partners Expo. The expo is organized by the iGB Affiliate and Conversion Pros teams to provide both affiliates and introducing brokers with a platform to start, grow and enhance business. This year the show combined 8 events in one location, including dedicated payments, player acquisition, regulation and compliance, sports betting, binary/financial and affiliate events.

One of the featured sessions worth mentioning was “How to generate leads for Binary & Forex,” presented by Ran Cohen, CEO of Traders Education. During the session, Ran discussed different tips and techniques on how to generate leads from websites and campaigns as well as targeting specific lead types.

Looking at the numbers, binary options receive 2 million searches per month, while forex gets 3.5 million searches. With these numbers, one can see the importance of a strong marketing funnel. According to Ran, this can be achieved through email marketing, in-house marketing and branding.


When it comes to email marketing, users have been exhausted with several promotions and mailers over time. Email marketing statistics show a 10% open rate and from this a 10% conversion rate. As such, your emails and messages should be as unique as possible.


In regard to in-house marketing, Ran has proved that education, eBooks and other added value tools for the end user are key to lead generation and conversion. In order to successfully convert data to leads through education, he stressed the following necessities on a marketing and operational level:

  1. Having a good traffic source
  2. Strong marketing tools
  3. A good sales team

One question raised by the audience was how brokers should best filter lists of leads (for example, in form of excel) in order to present them to their sales teams. On this point Ran stressed the importance of a good dialer system to minimize the manual work and filter good quality leads to sales. We agree with Ran and believe every sales operation should have a strong dialer system to increase the overall efficiency of your sales team by automating outbound calls and keeping sales agents talking. Contact us to learn more about the industry’s leading VOIP and auto-dialer providers.


During the session, Ran presented “Created,” one of their newest products, which appears to be the next generation of affiliate marketing tools. The product provides brokers with a platform for their affiliates to create educational video center widgets that can be placed in any of their websites. Brokers can provide their affiliates with a login to their dedicated branded admin where the affiliate can generate customized marketing tools and educational courses. Using this tool affiliates can create a strong lead generation funnel and generates better quality leads.

Want to improve your marketing funnel with unique marketing tools?

Contact us to learn more about Traders Educations’ products and give your brand a unique edge.

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